Monday, 21 July 2014

My Tattoo Story

So, Nova is doing this really awesome series of blog posts about her many tattoos. And she's inspired me to tell you guys about my own tattoo. I only have the one at the moment and while I desperately want more, financially it won't happen for a while. Why do (good) tattoos have to be so expensive?

I got this tattoo about three years ago now at Design 4 Life, a studio in Liverpool. I'd been wanting to get a tattoo for a while, something that would be meaningful and personal to me, something that I could look at and draw strength from. After a good few months of thinking and planning I came up with this design.

The Phoenix represents the personal growth I've gone through, the tough times I've survived and the obstacles I've overcome. It reminds me that as long as I stay strong, I will always come out the other side.

The Latin phrase 'Luctor et emergo' translates as "I struggle and emerge". Kind of self explanatory really. It ties in with the Phoenix image and gives me a sort of mantra to focus on when times are hard.

I'm not really sure why I chose the placement of the tattoo. I know I wanted it somewhere I could see it easily and that seemed like a good place. I initially wanted to get it on my inner wrist in a horizontal position rather than a vertical one but after chatting with a really cool tattooist who said it might look kind of chavvy on my wrist, I decided on the placement you can see in the photo.

It didn't really hurt much at all. It took like twenty minutes or so and the only way I can ever describe the sensation is by comparing it to an epilator, you know, those electronic things you use to pull out hairs instead of shaving your legs. That's what it felt like.

I definitely want more. My ultimate goal is to have a full sleeve on my other arm but I also want a chest piece and maybe something on one calf. If anyone is ever stuck for something to get me as a gift, feel free to buy me a gift voucher for a tattoist.


nova said...

Thanks for the link! And uh, be prepared for a chestpiece to hurt a billion times more than that did haha.

Anna said...

Yeah I'm pretty sure mine is in one of the least painful areas lol, so I'm kinda preparing myself for the other ones I want to hurt a hell of a lot more